At Synergy Safety and Health, we believe in productivity through wellness. Providing routine wellness and health services to your employees will keep your staff healthy, reducing the risk of injuries and increasing your productivity. Synergy Safety and Health is committed to the overall health and wellness of your most important asset – your employees. Maintaining a healthy work environment is critical to reducing incidents and injuries in order to maintain productivity and company morale.

Health Fairs

Hosting an annual health fair for all employees is an ideal way to reduce the risk of major health issues on the job site. Our team of nurses and health professionals will evaluate the overall health of your workforce and use this information to educate them on the risks associated with current behaviors. A health fair is a great educational tool to promote and maintain wellness amongst your staff..

Health Fair Booths

Hosting a health fair at your company is a great way to educate your staff and provide them with the tools they need to maintain good health and wellness. At Synergy, we have the health and medical professional necessary to perform the following services on-site for your employees:

  • Nutrition Evaluations
  • Blood Pressure Screenings
  • Body Composition (% Body Fat) Evaluations
  • Visual Acuity Checks
  • Hearing Test
  • Weight Loss and General Exercise Consultations
  • Blood Glucose Checks

Helping your employees to maintain good health and establish healthy habits is the first step in promoting a safe and healthy work environment. Taking a proactive role in the wellness of your employees ensures great strides towards maintaining a productive workforce. The experienced team at Synergy Safety + Health is committed to providing you and your employees with the most comprehensive, custom health solutions available.