At Synergy Safety and Health, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and affordable safety solutions for your organization. After an initial consultation and evaluation, we will develop and implement a safety solution customized specifically for your organization. The following outlines some of the services that we can provide.

Facility Safety Inspections

It is important to perform routine inspections of your facility in order to maintain a safe work environment. Our inspection program focuses on your entire facility from a safety standpoint and provides a comprehensive report on our findings along with suggestions for possible corrective actions.

Safety Manual Development

Having a solid safety manual is at the cornerstone of any successful safety program. Whether you have a current safety management system in place or you are interested in customizing a plan to suit your needs, Synergy Safety can help. Our team of safety professionals are experienced and have the necessary tools and building blocks to create an exceptional program, custom made for your business’s needs.

Safety Meetings

A good safety culture is vital to a safe work environment and this starts with talking about safety. Our service is to provide the tools necessary for supervisors to complete and track these meetings. Also we can provide a safety professional to hold these meetings on an as needed schedule.

Behavior Based Safety

A good BBS program provides a connection between management and all levels of employees to share safety behaviors experienced in the work environment. BBS Cards allow you to proactively track and trend behaviors that, if not addressed, could result in incidents. We will create a program to track and trend the cards that are generated. Trending the data in this manner allows us to make suggestions on areas of improvement needed to maintain a safe work environment.

Emergency Plans

Proper emergency planning and training can directly influence the outcome of an emergency situation. Our team of experts are skilled in creating comprehensive emergency plans to address a variety of situations. Most notably, it is imperative that severe weather plans stay up to date and ready to be enacted, especially with hurricane season upon us.

Incident Management

When an incident occurs, is is vital to properly document and report the situation. In order to receive the most accurate representation of the incident, reports should be filled out in a timely manner. Synergy can help to create the best incident reporting system to fit your needs. We will address and assist in incident reporting, accident investigation, root cause analysis, and statistical reporting.

Training & Certifications

Creating a workplace safety culture begins with a well-trained workforce. Our highly trained professionals can set up and maintain your training matrix to ensure that your entire workforce is compliant with current regulations and customer demands. Our innovative online customer portal provides your management team with access to important certifications that they can access at a moment’s notice. The training matrix also gives accurate and timely notice as to when all trainings will expire.


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Case Management

In the event of an incident, proper case management results in the greatest care for the injured employee. Our team of trained case managers will accompany your employees on doctor’s visits to ensure the highest level of health care while maintaining a constant line of communication with your company.

Safety Management System Audit

A safety management system audit reviews your company’s current policies, processes, procedures, records and other safety documentation. Our team of experts will provide a quantitative score on your overall system along with suggestions for corrective actions in weaker areas in order to ensure an airtight system. Synergy also provides skilled professionals familiar with your system in order to assist in system audits by contractors.